Wyatt LeGrand

Selected Awards and Exhibitions

 Award of Excellence,  2015 Richmond Art Museum Annual Exhibit

1st Runner Up,  2015 Easels in Frederick Plein Air Competition

Paintings For Brittany,  Solo Exhibit, 2015, The Venue Fine Arts Gallery

1st Runner Up,  2015 Easels in Frederick Quickdraw Competition

Honorable Mention,  2015 Oil Painters of America Online Showcase

2015 Top 40, Solo Exhibit, 2015, Carnegie Heritage & Arts Center

Will Vawter Memorial Award,  2015 Indiana Heritage Arts Exhibition

Jury Prize of Distinction,  2015 Indiana Artists Club Annual Exhibit

Looking West,  Solo Exhibit, 2015, Indianapolis Orchestra / Circle Theatre

Outstanding Scene,  2015 Hoosier Salon Annual Exhibit

Quick Draw Winner,  2012-2015 First Brush of Spring Plein Air Competition

1st Runner Up, Artist Choice Awards,  2014 Plein Air Aspen

Best Artist Under 30,  2014 Plein Air Magazine

Purchase Award,  2014 Richmond Art Museum’s Annual Exhibit

Perceptions,  Solo Exhibit, 2014, Ivy Tech John Waldron Arts Center

T.C. Steele Memorial Award of Excellence,  2014 Indiana Heritage Arts Exhibition

Merit Award,  2014 First Brush of Spring Plein Air Competition

Artistic Excellence Award,  2014 Indiana Artists Club Annual Exhibit

Meet You at the Fair,  Solo Exhibit, 2014, Plainfield Public Library

Finalist,  2013 Plein Air Magazine’s Annual Competition

1st place,  2013 Art on Wheels Exhibit, Indiana Art Sanctuary

Recent Work,  Solo Exhibit, 2013, Wiley Art Center

Award of Excellence,  2013 Indiana Heritage Arts Exhibition

2nd Place Award,  2013 Will Vawter Annual Art Exhibition               

Award of Excellence,  2013 Richmond Art Museum’s Annual Exhibit

Paintings For My Grandmother, Solo Exhibit, 2013, Shawnee Theater

Best of Show,  2012 Minnetrista Open Space Exhibition

1st place,  2012 Indiana State Fair Oils/Acrylics Division

2nd place,  2012 Indiana State Fair Pastel Division

Back Home Again, Solo Exhibit, 2012, Bloomington City Hall

1st place,  2012 Artesian Juried Exhibition

1st Place Award,  2012 Will Vawter Annual Art Exhibition               

Director’s Purchase Award,  2012 Indiana Heritage Arts Annual Exhibition

Award of Excellence,  2012 Indiana Heritage Arts Annual Exhibition

Starting Points, Solo Exhibit, 2012, Krempp Gallery of Jasper Arts Center

Purchase Award,  2012 Owensboro Museum of Fine Art Paintout

Best of Show,  2012 Owensboro Museum of Fine Art Paintout

1st Place Award,  2012 T.C. Steele Festival of Flowers Paintout

First Runner Up,  2012 Brown County Art Guild Juried Exhibition

Honorable Mention,  2012 Indiana Artists Club Annual Exhibition

Reserve Best of  Show,  2011 Madison Art Club Annual Exhibit         

IAC Board Recognition Award,  2011 Indiana Artists Club Annual Exhibit

Honorable Mention,  2011 First Brush of Spring

Landmarks,  Solo Exhibit, 2011, Carnegie Heritage & Arts Center

First Runner Up,  2011 Art Sanctuary Annual Exhibit

Judge’s Collection  Award,  2011 Art Sanctuary Annual Exhibit

First place,  2010-2011 Renaissance in Roanoke Paint-Out

Everything, Solo Exhibit, 2010, Ivy Tech John Waldron Arts Center

First Runner Up,  2010 Great Outdoor Art Contest Paint-Out

First place,  2010 First Brush of Spring​​​ 

human response to the subject before me.  I say let things be spontaneous… paint what interests you, paint what confuses you, paint anything you wish as long as you paint more quickly than slowly, as the moment won’t last forever.  

Wyatt LeGrand is partly a painter from Bloomfield, Indiana.  He currently works from his hometown studio and teaches grades 7-12 at Bloomfield Jr/Sr High School.  While attending the same school as a student, Wyatt was acknowledged by the community for his skills as an artist.  After graduating high school in 2005, Wyatt made the short journey to Indiana University, where he attained a degree in visual arts education four years later. 


Edward Hopper said, “If you could say it in words there would be no reason to paint,” and I agree completely, as my painting is a means of communicating all of those experiences and emotions beyond my verbal vocabulary.  It is the act of painting, I believe, that is more artful than the artifact.  The experience of making an image, whether it be a quick study or an attempt at a profound subject, always overshadows the final collection of marks.  I find the most satisfaction in that experience of putting brush to canvas, letting the things I see before me flow from eye to heart to hand to brush.  These actions, as they occur, bring with them a certain anxiety, excitement, and satisfaction that I cannot find elsewhere."

Wyatt created his very first painting as a college student in 2008.  Shortly thereafter, Wyatt discovered plein air painting, had his first solo exhibition, and found good luck participating in several art competitions.  In the summer of 2009, Wyatt returned to his hometown and opened LeGrand Art Studio and Gallery.  Since his homecoming, Wyatt has dedicated himself to creating artwork in the place he grew up, sharing experiences with his students and members of the community. 

"There’s nothing too complicated about what I do; I only try to pay attention to what I see.  Whether it be the colors of a landscape, the shapes of an interior space, or the movement of a busy street, my painting reflects the need to preserve desirable aesthetic experiences and communicate my