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LeGrand Art Studio & Gallery was established by Wyatt LeGrand in the fall of 2009.  Initially intended as solely a studio space,  LeGrand Art Studio & Gallery soon developed into an important art institution of Greene County.  Wyatt uses the studio as a place to create art, study art, and teach art.  Currently, Wyatt is offering oil painting classes and private art lessons to students of all ages.  Students and local artists can also take advantage of “open studio” nights, which offer all artists the opportunity to utilize a space intended specifically for art production.  As a licensed K-12 visual arts educator, Wyatt is very passionate about continuing the creation and appreciation of art through his teachings.  Contact the studio today to learn about current class offerings or to arrange private lessons.


In addition to art classes, LeGrand Art Studio & Gallery also specializes in custom framing.  Whether you need to frame a small photo or a large piece of artwork, LeGrand Art Studio & Gallery has many styles and sizes of frames to choose from at affordable prices.  Come in and browse through a large selection of frames and mats that can be custom built to suit your needs. 

Above all, LeGrand Art Studio & Gallery is a place where people can go to enjoy Wyatt’s artwork and support the local art community.  Come by and visit Wyatt today.  The studio is open by chance, but appointments can be scheduled at your convenience.   

Current Happenings:

Oil Painting Classes  &  Private Lessons

Start the new year with some new classes at LeGrand Art Studio & Gallery.

In addition to adult oil painting classes, LeGrand Art Studio & Gallery will now offer private art lessons for all ages.  These two hour sessions will allow students to focus on particular subjects of interest and receive more personalized, in-depth instruction.  Private lessons can be scheduled on a week-to-week basis or as four and eight week courses and can cover a variety of media including paint, charcoal, watercolor, and pastel. The Studio will also be offering its next round of oil painting classes in January.  Learn the basics of oil paintings and refine your skills while receiving one-on-one instruction from a skilled artist.  Every class offered at LeGrand Art Studio & Gallery includes weekly “open studio” nights, allowing students to receive additional instruction outside of class.  Experience isn’t necessary and beginning artists are welcome!

The oil painting course will offer:


·       One class per week for eight weeks.

·       A free preliminary meeting outlining the

     course and required materials.

·       Optional open studio nights weekly.

·       A new subject and focus during every class session.

·       Insightful discussions and demonstrations by the artist.

·       Plein air and landscape painting.

·       Study of the human figure and portraiture.

·       Constructive class critiques.

·       Opportunities to share and display student artwork.

·       Painting practices and teaching methods that will

     enable students to pursue oil painting on their own.

Wyatt LeGrand’s oil painting classes teach students to paint what they see.  During every class session, students will paint from observation, using techniques and practices that Wyatt himself uses.  Wyatt’s teaching methods break down the complexities of oil painting into fundamental concepts, making the learning process much easier and more rewarding.  Every student at LeGrand Art Studio & Gallery will acquire the knowledge and practice needed to pursue oil painting on their own.  Students will take home a painting every week and will be able to utilize the studio regularly, receiving personal instruction and feedback from Wyatt.  The joys of painting are boundless.  Sign-up today for classes at LeGrand Art Studio & Gallery and pursue your love of art.



Students interested in taking oil painting classes or private art lessons can contact Wyatt LeGrand by phone at (812) 384-6505 or by email at wyattlegrand@gmail.com.  Students may also stop by the studio, located at 2015 W. State Road 54 (also Haywood Print & Stained Glass) just outside Bloomfield, to sign-up and speak personally with the artist. 

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