Wyatt LeGrand

There’s nothing too complicated about what I do; I just pay attention to what I see.  Whether it be the colors of a landscape, the shapes of an interior space, or the movement of a busy street, my painting reflects the need to preserve desirable aesthetic experiences and communicate my human response to the subject before me.  I say let things be spontaneous… paint what interests you, paint what confuses you, paint anything you wish as long as you paint more quickly than slowly, as the moment won’t last forever. 


I prefer not to become comfortable in painting according to a particular fashion or style and I do not contemplate how I put paint to canvas, I simply try to arrange colors side-by-side so that they most closely represent the experience of seeing them first hand.  My painting methods change regularly, but I have found I always work best while painting from direct observation.  There is something fantastic about painting the world as you see it naturally, recording the subject as fast as your eyes can pass over it, avoiding unnecessary detail but paying special attention to light and shapes of color.  Painting this way, with the intent of capturing a visual experience, evokes in me a certain type of emotional resonance that I find most appealing. 


As Edward Hopper brilliantly stated, “If you could say it in words there would be no reason to paint,” and I agree completely, as my painting is a means of communicating all of those wordless experiences, emotions, and occurrences as a witness to this life.  Painting must after all be its own language, a method of articulating the innermost expressions of the artist…a way of demonstrating a profound interest and appreciation of the magnificent world around us.  My inspiration and drive comes from nothing other than the experience of putting brush to canvas, letting the things I see before me flow from eye to heart to hand to brush.  These actions, as they occur, bring with them a certain anxiety, excitement, and satisfaction that I cannot find elsewhere.  This is why I paint…to keep those feelings suspended in action…to keep my spirit alive.   

-Wyatt LeGrand

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